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Decade & Multi Decade Shows:        
You can combine several decade shows into one event - eg 2 x 45 mins or 2 x 1hrs of 60s/70s or 70s/80s or 80s/90s or have 3 decades with 3 x 40 min sets of 60s/70s/80s or 70s/80s/90s
60s tribute band gr       70s tribute band GR       80s band        
60's Tribute Band SW   70's Tribute Band SW   80s Tribute Band SW    
60's Angels ( 4 piece band / trio / duo) Also available with 70s show   The 70's Angels ( 4 piece band trio / duo) Also available with 60's/80's/Abba shows   The 80's Angels ( 4 piece band trio / duo) Also available with 60's/70's/Abba shows    
70s tribute band / duo   80s tribute band   90s 00s indie tribute band    
70's Tribute Band SE   80's Tribute Band SE   90s & 00's Indie Tribute Band    
The Disco Angels ( 4 piece band / trio / duo). Also available with 60's/80's/90's shows   Pop Rockin' 80's ( 4 piece band / trio / duo).Also available with 60's/70's/90's shows   4 piece fully live band covering the indie rock of the 90s onwards    
30s 40s tribute   40s tribute show band act   50s tribute show    
30's / 40's Tribute Band   40's Tribute Band   50's Tribute Band    
5 piece live band covering the jazz, blues & swing standards of the 30's and 40's   The Air Raid Sirens ( duo / trio / band ) Also available with 50's show   The Sugar Daddies ( duo / trio / band) available with 40's show    
motown soul band tribute            
Motown & Soul Tribute Band            
LIbe 7 piece band or 3 girl trio            
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